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alaska fly in fishing

About Our Alaska Fly in Fishing Lodge >>

The Seasons on the Fly Lodge is unique.

It offers someone a chance to fish one of Alaska's great rivers and regions on a budget.​


This fly in fishing lodge was originally called Blueberry Island Lodge and provides this niche experience.  Generally speaking this area of Alaska is difficult to explore without taking out a 2nd mortgage on your home.


True adventure awaits your arrival at Seasons on the fly Lodge.  You won't be on anybody else's schedule.  You can come and go as you please and explore an enormous watershed in the middle of Alaska's wilderness on your own.


And you can bring a filet mignon and your favorite bottle of merlot to make it your own high end experience without the price tag. But should you want a guide or to do a fly out to another river that is no problem at SOF Lodge.  We can set this up and have for many of our clients.


We welcome fly fishermen and spin fishermen - we are an equal opportunity lodge.


I invite you to SOF Lodge and welcome those who will come.  It's Alaska at its best and you control your own adventure!


Greg Heister


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