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The Kvichak River Fish >>

The Kvichak River is home to many species of fish.  It boasts of one of the largest runs of sockeye salmon in the world. It's home to some of the largest rainbow trout in the entire world. Throw in silver salmon, the always present arctic grayling and then sprinkle in the northern pike and lake trout and this river is a fishing paradise!

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alaska silver salmon fishing
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alaska grayling fishing
alaska self guided fishing
SALMON - sockeye and silver

The Kvichak River might be the best place in the world to catch a sockeye salmon with a rod and reel.  An enormous run of these fish will pass by the lodge each summer.  A run that's in the millions from Mid - June to Late July.  If you happen to be on the river in early August you might find a silver salmon chasing your fly or spoon across a pool.

RAINBOW TROUT - world class

A true 30 - inch rainbow trout is a rare fish anywhere. The Kvichak River is one of those spots that you truly have a shot at landing one of these legendary fish.  When the salmon drop eggs in this river these fish pour out of Lake Iliamna and populate the river in large numbers.

GRAYLING & PIKE - don't forget!

Anglers travel the world to catch 20 inch trout in some of the world's great trout streams.  Well, bring a dry fly!  The Kvichak River is loaded with large Arctic Grayling and they seem to always be looking up. And if pike are your game, the river and lake have those too!

alaska raibow trout fishing
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