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"Alaska Sunset Dreaming at SOF Fishing Lodge"

As we watch the sunset tonight we are thinking of our favorite view we enjoy during the summer on Alaska's Kvichak River. With just a bit over two months until opening (June 8th at midnight!) we wanted to start sharing our excitement with you on our Seasons on the Fly blog. Welcome. We're excited to see families gather for their week of adventure this summer on one of the mightiest rivers in the world. At Alaska's premiere DIY lodge you can fish from sunrise to sunset and catch the fish of your dreams, look for a brown bear, or just plan the next days adventure. After a quiet night on the river we look forward to relaxing at the comfortable lodge that is perfect for people looking to disconnect. While we love the longer days of sunshine it makes the wait so hard. We'll see you at SOF this summer if you booked your trip. If you haven't click on this link.

Sunsetting on the Kvichak River
Enjoying the sunset

Waiting for Dinner
Relaxing at the Lodge


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